Black Magic professional Edition

5 500 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Black Magic Professional Edition Black Magic Tan Professional Edition is a quality system that delivers a flawless tan at an unbelievable price. Backed by a full twelve-month warranty you will not be disappointed! The M Series Gun The Black Magic Tan M-Series spray gun is a reliable, quality spray gun for the serious tanning technician. With a fully adjustable fan (spray pattern) ranging from an 8 inch pattern to a pencil spray of 1/8” in diameter…. It’s nearly impossible to get it wrong! Features •    All stainless steel, replaceable parts •    Delivers beautiful fine mist •    Perfect for detailed work •    Small gravity feed 75ml cup enables easy monitoring of solution use •    Gun is non bleed (airflow) no air released unless trigger pulled •    Spray gun features a 2 Phase trigger:            Stage 1; Air Only,            Stage 2. Solution Released •    Able to upgrade to the Whisperer compressor for the quietest most reliable and professional spray tanning equipment on the market. The HVLP700 is lightweight, with a convenient LCD push button to adjust the air flow depending on the thickness of the solution you are spraying. For a perfect tan every time Features •    Great Looking Ergonomic design •    Adjustable Airflow •    Lightweight 2.5kg •    Low Energy Consumption Motor •    Quick Release Connection for Hose to Gun •    3 Settings •    On Off Heat Function •    220/240v •    Flex Hose with rotating swivel - prevents kinking •    Colour -Black -