Vibe Evolution 1 liter

899 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Vibe Evolution
Slut i lager
VIBE  sprays dry onto the skin, contains no alcohol and is fragrance free. This unique range delivers a beautiful feel, finish and colour that will have your clients coming back for more!

Vibe Evolution contains a dark bronzer that emulates that natural look you desire. 

Vibe feels like velvet on the skin, there is simply nothing like it on the market, experience the difference today.

Wash Time 2-6 Hours, you choose how dark you want to go.
Vibe Contains No Fragrance - we mean no smell. no odour, yes it's true!
Vibe will not dry out your skin at all
No Chemicals - Vibe is so natural you could almost drink it (we advise that you don't)
Did we mention No Smell, yes we did but its worth repeating again. 
Super Fast Development - Advanced Development Technology